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Give your child positive math experiences and strong math foundations with Smart Start: Math Stories and Activities. The colorful activities introduce math concepts in creative ways using math stories to help children recognize number relationships in the world around them.

Smart Start: Math Stories and Activities workbooks provide structured weekly activities to help children practice and learn numbers, counting, measurement, addition and subtraction, shape recognition, and graphing. Audio story read-alouds with colorful illustrations help students learn math concepts and make connections to the real world. Illustrated activities provide meaningful practice in a variety of formats, giving children multiple opportunities to achieve understanding.

Math activities:
• Provide strong math foundations that teach the most important math skills.
• Include creative and fun lessons that help children create positive math connections.
• Provide reward stickers to motivate children to complete the activities.
• Include audio stories that incorporate reading comprehension and vocabulary to demonstrate how math works in the real world.

Smart Start: Math Stories and Activities is organized into weekly lessons around one math skill or strategy. Each unit begins with activities that have simple tasks that help children better understand the concept. Children gain confidence as they compete each activity and gradually progress to completing more difficult math tasks.

Each unit includes:
• Math stories: audio read-aloud stories help children experience math with real-world problem solving.
• Math practice activities: introduce one skill/concept per week.
• Write It! activities: build math vocabulary, beginning writing, and fine motor skills.

Throughout this early learning series, children will practice essential foundational math skills, such as:
• Beginning counting
• Shapes
• Patterns
• Measurement
• Addition and subtraction
• Includes answer key.
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