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Help children improve their writing while learning important grammar and punctuation rules. These colorful activity books make language skill practice fun!

Skill Sharpeners: Grammar and Punctuation provides visually engaging reading selections, activities, and word games that will motivate your child to practice and learn essential grammar and punctuation skills. Plus, a Language Handbook and Dolch Sight Word list provide you with a quick reference of the concepts covered.

The activity book is organized into 15 theme-based units around topics that preschoolers enjoy, such as animals, families, and birthdays. Each unit focuses on a grammar concept and punctuation concept, and includes:
• A reading selection – A short fiction or nonfiction text engages children and presents the concept or skill in context.
• Rule boxes – Grammar and punctuation rules are made simple with a short explanation, and clear examples help to teach the skill.
• Colorful practice activities – A variety of activities include fun illustrations to motivate your child to practice the grammar and punctuation skills.
• Riddles and word games – Your child will use critical thinking skills while applying the targeted grammar or punctuation skill in a fun format!
• Writing practice – The "Write It Right!" page encourages your child to use the skills in context, which further promotes understanding.
• Review page – The short review activity is a great way to check your child's understanding.

The grammar concepts for PreK include:
• Nouns
• Adjectives
• Verbs
• Pronouns
• Adverbs
• Prepositions

Punctuation concepts for grade PreK include:
• Upper- and lowercase letters
• Periods
• Question marks
• Exclamation points

Additional skill practice:
• Letter formation
• Sight words
• Simple sentences
• Counting
• Word recognition

Skill Sharpeners: Grammar and Punctuation engages your child in learning important grammar and punctuation rules. It's ideal for enrichment at home and in the classroom, for homeschooling, and for English language learning.

Every Skill Sharpeners workbook now includes a free downloadable Teaching Guide! Skill Sharpeners: Grammar and Punctuation Teaching Guides include:
• How to Use directions for teaching important language rules
• Sample pacing guide to complete lessons and activities
• Teaching suggestions for helping children learn grammar and punctuation rules
• Extension activities that include graphic organizers, additional writing activities, and hands-on learning
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