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When you want experiments that will really tickle your mind, you're looking for the Brain Tickling Science kit. Whether you're launching rings of fog, making a quicksand clock, or defying gravity with anti-gravity beads, you'll experience and engage with fantastic hands-on science in fun and creative ways. Your mind will be tingling with all of the awesome experiments and activities you'll learn with Brain Tickling Science.

Activity List: 1. Make Your Own Indicator, 2. Household Color-Changing Liquid, 3. Acid-Base Rainbow, 4. Make Quicksand, 5. Sheering Science, 6. Quicksand Clock, 7. Melting Quicksand Balls, 8. Nails for Breakfast, 9. Straw Wrapper Inch Worm, 10. Density Layer Straws, 11. Newton's Beads, 12. Gravi-Goo, 13. Mini Air Cannon, 14. Fog Ring Launcher, 15. Candle Cannon, 16. Jumbo Candle Cannon, 17. Roots with a View, 18. Wave in a Bottle, 19. Test Tube Magnifier, 20. Crazy Eyes, 21. Pet Tornado, and 22. Color Mixing Test Tubes.

Includes: Instruction book, 3 Giant Plastic Test Tubes and lids, 1 Plastic Test Tube rack, 6 True Colors™ Fizzing Coloring Tablets, 2 – 2 oz plastic cups, 100 g (3.5 oz) of Quicksand Powder, 3 plastic pipettes, 1 Clear plastic straw, 20 ft (6.08m) of Newton's Beads, 10 g (0.35 oz) of Gravity Goo™ powder, and 1 Iron bar magnet.
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